Important Information

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Trading Session 

The trading sessions for EU&UK Daylight Saving (DST) will be updated from 29 October 2023 as per the following schedule:

The trading sessions for EU&UK Daylight Saving (DST) will be updated from 29 October 2023 as per the following schedule:
Date Product Original Trading Sessions (GMT+3) Updated Trading Sessions (GMT+3)
2023/10/29 (Sun.) UKOUSD Mon 01:00-24:00
Tue-Fri 03:00-24:00
Mon 02:00-24:00
Tue-Fri 00:00-01:00; 03:00-24:00
Ger40 Mon-Thu 03:15-24:00
Fri 03:15-23:00
Mon-Fri 03:15-23:00
Ger40ft Mon-Thu 03:15-24:00
Fri 03:15-23:00
Mon-Fri 03:15-23:00
ES35 Mon-Fri 09:00-21:00 Mon-Fri 10:00-21:00
Cocoa Mon-Fri 11:45-20:30 Mon-Fri 12:45-20:30
Coffee Mon-Fri 11:15-20:30 Mon-Fri 12:15-20:30
Sugar Mon-Fri 10:30-20:00 Mon-Fri 11:30-20:00
FGBL Mon-Fri 03:15-23:00 Mon-Fri 03:15-24:00
FGBM Mon-Fri 03:15-23:00 Mon-Fri 03:15-24:00
FGBX Mon-Fri 03:15-23:00 Mon-Fri 03:15-24:00
FGBS Mon-Fri 03:15-23:00 Mon-Fri 03:15-24:00
FLG Mon-Fri 10:00-20:00 Mon-Fri 11:00-21:00
FEI Mon-Fri 03:00-23:00 Mon-Fri 04:00-24:00

Friendly Reminder

  • • The mentioned times are based on DST system time GMT+3.
  • • Liquidity providers might adjust the trading sessions base on market conditions. The up-to-date execution data should be subject to information on MT4.
    If you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]
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